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"If you are uncertain about how to reach your future dreams, goals and desire, you must talk to Sonia. Sonia is highly intuitive and, based of what you want and your life' desires, she can tell you clearly and in details how to exactly get there! Is that good or great? I love Sonia's consultations. They are fast, easy, and straightforward. Sonia helped me achieve maximum clarity in my life and help me achieve all my desired goals. I highly recommend Sonia for getting the love, health and wealth that you love!!!"
Sonia's Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value." –Elena Pezzini - LA, CA

"In my 53 years I have never been to a psychic and had no desire to do so. Sonia convinced me to give it a try and I did. Her accuracy has astounded me especially because I was such a huge disbeliever. Almost every single thing she said she saw coming in the next few months from the time she did the reading has taken place and there are still a few months to go. I am now a believer.
What I also like about Sonia is her absolute dedication to her craft and the people she works with. She is worth every penny and more!" –Allan Marston - Calgary, AB

"I recently had a healing session with Sonia. The session was moving yet in a gentle way very effective. Sonia's presence was relaxed and flowing. With this type of energy I was able to fully grasp the techniques of the healing session and become fully present with my ability to work through issues at hand. I found Sonia to be quite intuitive and able to get to the core of the situation. Very well done and by doing my part towards the healing I found satisfactory results.
Thanks Sonia." –Rose Maze - Turner Valley, AB

"Until I met Sonia, I had considered palm reading a form of entertainment. There are a lot of people out there who don't have the talent that Sonia does. I was BLOWN AWAY by her reading. She read things about my past and present that no one could have known. I am now rewriting my future the way I want to live it. Sonia is amazing and I highly recommend her professional, accurate readings." –Leigh-Ann Zaharevich - LA, CA

"Oh my gosh, Sonia, I think of u often with the reading I rec'd from you n the accuracy is right on. Thank you so much and I wish you a blessed Christmas and an awesome 2012, look forward to seeing you again in the new year. My prayers n blessing to you for helping so many people." –Arlene Cyr - Regina, SK

"While I am not a true believer in a lot of the "New Age" psycho babble, I do believe that some people really do have a gift for healing. Sonia is such a person. In two healing sessions she was able to help me deal with issues from my childhood that have always haunted me. In another session she was able to release tension in my shoulders and neck that have kept me from optimum health for a long time. I am not familiar with the terminology of her therapy and I am not sure if it makes any sense to me, but I believe it works and that is more important than understanding and labelling. Sonia has a gift and I intend to seek her help with other health issues that I am currently facing. I recommend her to anyone suffering from unresolved health and spiritual issues." –Chuck Rose - Calgary, AB

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