Our Negative Emotions

There are those, especially within the followers of Science, who tend to believe, and preach, that negative emotions are healthy and should be expressed. They also preach that such negative emotions should be ignored or channeled into some manner of positive or benign state. These, unfortunately, are some of the current mindsets on how to release negative emotions.

Negative emotions are one of the major causes of pain and suffering among human beings. In an effort to release negative emotions, many people tend to put their trust in what Science preaches to be absolute truth.

Negative emotions are extremely destructive for both the individual and the world at large since the persistent release of negative energy causes that destructive energy to have quite serious and painful effects on everyone’s world.

To release negative emotions, we must understand the causes.

– The only sensible path in our ongoing efforts to release negative emotions is that of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the complete clarity and awareness of the present moment. We are nowhere else but where we are at this moment. We are not lost in the regrets and damage of the past nor are we fraught with anxiety and worry wandering in an imagined future that never comes. Only the present moment ever comes.

– Meditation is a proven way to develop Mindfulness and release negative emotions and has been demonstrated so for thousands of years. Mindfulness allows us to be with the negative and destructive inner dialogue of our minds and further allows us to be aware of it and to understand its root causes. Until we uncover the source, the cause of our negative emotions, there will be no relief to our pain and suffering because of them.

– Simply trying to channel your negative emotions through some distracting activity will not release negative emotions. Sure, you can go for a long walk or a strenuous workout at the gym, but when you are done with all of that, the negative emotions and pain will remain with you because you have not revealed the causes. All you did was to distract yourself for a while.

– Seeing current reality in this moment for what it truly is will help to release negative emotions. By being present, you can see how things really are and why they are happening. Then, you can act rather than react.

– Talking things out with a trusted friend or family member can help to release negative emotions by allowing you to see and observe the emotions and thoughts and thus provide a deeper understanding of the root causes of your suffering.

Make the effort to practice Mindfulness; practice being aware of yourself and your thoughts right here in the present moment. Understanding the causes of your suffering puts you firmly on the road to transforming that negative pain and those negative emotions as you come to understand yourself more. By doing so, you can more easily release negative emotions from your life because you have developed a successful strategy for understanding and transforming them.

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