Past Life Regression

This hypnotherapy healing will take you on a journey of a self-discovery. You will experience past lives that are currently affecting this life as well as a deepening understanding of Self. It could be simply a metaphysical journey to recover some hidden ability or hidden trauma.

During your journey you sometimes will have a hard time to distinguish what is imaginary and what is real. Real past life has strange and unexpected details.

This technique can help you:
  • To clear chronic pain that has no explanation in this life;
  • To clear phobias;
  • To perform emotional clearing;
  • To clear trauma;
  • To contact creativity with your other lives - retrieving aspects of Self that were successful in other life times and bring them forward to integrate them into a remembering in this life;
  • Discovering who you truly are, what kind of person you are capable of being, and the boundless life you can potentially live is the MOST important step anyone can take in their lifetime!

    If you have never been hypnotized before, it may take more than an hour and a half to complete your session. I recommend to book 2 hours for this session.

    Regular time for 1 session can go up to 2 hrs.

    Individual price list:
                    the total cost        --- $180

    Book an appointment to reserve your space.

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